My, how time flies…  It’s been a longgg time since I last visited these pages myself.  With apologies, I’m back… and have several BTW posts before I conclude my stream of consciousness series.  I suppose that’s not a problem because it’s all streamy anyway.

First, I’d like to mention the passing of Roger Moore.

Roger Moore as James Bond

In my (overly-televisioned) childhood I had three actors for whom I had a particular fondness.  James Garner (1928-2014) and Patrick McGoohan (1928-2009) have already been recognized in previous posts.  The third member of this triumvirate, Roger Moore (1927-2017), passed away at the end of May and I felt it only fitting that he should also receive mention today.  It is noteworthy that all three actors were born within months of each other and that all three came to my attention at about the same period in my childhood.

James Garner achieved many successes in TV and film (among them his role in The Great Escape and his signature series The Rockford Files).  I knew him first, however, as the wise-cracking gambler Bret Maverick in the series Maverick (1957-1960).

James Garner as Bret Maverick

Meanwhile, over in England, Patrick McGoohan began the 1960’s playing John Drake in the half-hour series Danger Man (1960-1962).  Several years later (1964) he was offered the opportunity to resurrect that role in expanded one-hour episodes.  While it continued to be known as Danger Man in the UK, it was given the more obvious title Secret Agent in the US (with title song by Johnny Rivers).  When he decided he had enough of that role in 1967,  production executive Lew Grade had another idea for McGoohan, a miniseries which we now know as the cult classic The Prisoner (1967-68).

A spy who used his brains…and did not kiss (on screen).

Roger Moore gained a following (including me) for his role as knight in Ivanhoe (1958-59) at about the same time as his counterparts.

Roger Moore as Ivanhoe


He followed that part by playing the rakish Simon Templar in the series The Saint, which ran from 1962 to 1969.

Roger Moore as The Saint

Many will know him best, though, as James Bond in a series of Bond movies (1973-1985).  He himself felt that his most worthwhile work was done after this period when he served as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

I thought I’d finish this little tribute post with a few “did you knows…”

Did you know…

that Roger Moore played Beau Maverick in the same series as Garner (but largely after Garner’s departure from the show)?

that Sean Connery (that other Bond) was flown over from England to test for the Beau role in the series but subsequently turned it down?

that Patrick McGoohan was considered for the role of The Saint and James Bond (before Sean Connery’s selection [Dr. No] and later before Roger Moore’s [Live and Let Die])?  His refusal to accept these offers was based on his beliefs as a Catholic.

I figured that I couldn’t end this post without a nod to the Ivanhoe theme (sing along in your choice of languages…)

And since I won’t get the chance to do so  again until next year, I will finish with a belated…

Happy Canada Day (2017 edition)!



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