So… I was talking about days.  Let’s start today with a little CanCon (that’s Canadian content for the record).  And here’s the record…

In some respects they define the “good-time party sound” of the ’80’s… Doug and the Slugs enjoyed a considerable degree of success throughout the decade.  Day by Day may have only reached #92 on the Canadian RPM chart, but it was a staple on pop radio in 1984.  Toronto-born Doug Bennett and his Vancouver-based band charted a total of ten songs in the Canadian Top 100 between 1980 and 1989.

Not your typical slugs…

Speaking of Day by Day, another song with that same title made its mark back in 1972 when Day by Day (from the musical Godspell) reached #13 on the Billboard pop singles chart.

Although it may share the same title as our previous selection, the song and the musical from which it comes explore very different subject matter… the ministry of Jesus Christ as found in the gospel of St. Matthew (but presented with a very “60’s” vibe).  The show has enjoyed great longevity on and off Broadway… as has the musical’s composer, Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz went on (following the success of Godspell) to Pippin (1972) and Wicked (2003).  In between you can hear his music and lyrics in a number of successful films, including Pocahontas (1995), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), The Prince of Egypt (1998) and Enchanted (2007).  Want more CanCon?  Here’s a young (London Ontario-born) Victor Garber (as Jesus) along with the cast in the film adaptation (An aside: Do see the stage version…it’s far more satisfying!) released in 1973.

More CanCon?  Then try Keith Hampshire…although born a Brit, he “saw the light”, came to Canada and found considerable success here.  In the same year (1972) as Day by Day, Hampshire’s Daytime Night-time reached a very respectable #5 in Canada (although it achieved only #51 in the US).

For (Toronto)Blue Jays fans, it might be noted that Hampshire (and The Bat Boys) recorded “OK Blue Jays” in 1983 and the song remains a staple for the team’s home games.

As I seem to be transitioning from day to night… I’ll continue that transition in my next post…


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