In the previous post, I meandered to Jane Siberry‘s Everything Reminds Me of My Dog.  Siberry is an talented (and quirky) Canadian artist.  A quick look at her profile will attest both to her talents and her quirkiness.  The singer-songwriter decided, in 2006, that she would change her name and (henceforth) be identified as Issa (a feminine variant of Isaiah).  It happened that, in 2009, she came to Goderich and we were fortunate enough to attend her concert at The Livery.  And it was at that concert that she announced that she would (henceforth) be known once again as Jane Siberry… which brings me to my next selection… Who Am I.

The song title came immediately to mind as I reflected on Siberry’s several appellations.  It was one of many hits (reaching #21 in the US in 1966) for English songstress Petula Clark (this has been spoken of in a previous post).  Clark’s career (which has spanned seven decades) reached its apex in the mid-sixties when she was rightly dubbed “First Lady of the British Invasion”.

Well… speaking of Who Am I and the “British Invasion”,  here’s a group who was in the vanguard of that attack in 1965…

I Can’t Explain by The Who was released late 1964/early 1965 as the band’s first single.  It reached only #93 on the American charts (Billboard) but managed a respectable #8 in the UK.  More importantly it portended a long and storied career for the group, reflected in record sales of over 100 million copies worldwide.

My choice of this selection (I obviously could have chosen many others) was doubtless the result of my recent viewing of season one of The Great Pottery Throw Down (BBC).  The producers of this pleasant (if low-key) series decided to incorporate vintage British hits as part of the show’s soundscape and chose I Can’t Explain as its theme in those initial episodes.  One wonders if the band would have envisioned its first hit being used as the theme song of a televised pottery contest.

I hope I die before I get old (talkin’ ’bout my generation)… 
Can’t explain…

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