Our family gathered a week early this year (December 18th) at our house in order to celebrate the Christmas season together.  It is one of the rituals of the day to assemble all of the family together for a group photo.  Using the enticement of opening presents after the picture, we were able to complete the task with a minimum of complaint.  So here we are in our 2016 incarnation…

The Morgan Collective (14 of us and a border collie)
The Morgan Collective (14 of us and a border collie)

One of my mother’s Christmas traditions (imposed upon us from the birth of our children) was the annual commission of an audio tape containing various noises, poems, readings, bible verses and songs performed by the children (some parental guidance required!)  We still have the cassette set (with attendant horrible sound quality) and, while a somewhat onerous activity at that busy season decades ago, it is now with a degree of affection that we listen to to those recordings.  This year our eldest son (as a Christmas gift) took a seasonal favourite (The Holly and The Ivy) and made us a recording as a reminder of that tradition.  Here he is…

Our extended family (border collies inclusive) would like to wish you all a very


and all the best in 2017.  



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