I’ve been on a brief hiatus from post preparation.  And the reason is quite simple… the weather has, on the whole, been grand.  Not the sitting in your shorts, jumping in the lake (unless you’re Roo) soaking in the sun kind of grand.  Just the walk along the shore, wear a light jacket, no snow kind of grand.

Walking along the shoreline in a light jacket is not typical in mid-November.

The inclination is to stay out, find excuses to take walks and drives, putter away at outdoor repairs and gardening and generally enjoy the balmy weather as long as it lasts.  Well… last night that all came crashing down…

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And so here I am (at last) sitting at the computer while the wind howls and the snow flies.

That said, the winter season is not without its pleasures.  If you’re out bundled properly against the elements or enjoying the cold and snow from indoors while sitting by a crackling fire, winter can be appreciated as part of the remarkable seasonal cycle here in Canada.


There are any number of songs which might anticipate the season.  Somehow I always return to a song by the Cryan Shames.  Back several years, during my discussion of song obscurities, this band was mentioned.  I still enjoy listening to A Scratch in the Sky (1967) and think it one of those great underrated albums from a decade long past.  The album leads off with A Carol for Lorelei and, perhaps because I so clearly recall listening to the song and the album during the winters of my adolescence, I still find it an appropriate way to greet the new season.

Chicago's Cryan Shames
Chicago’s Cryan Shames


Stay warm!




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