Two Remembered

Serendipity… the title of a recent blog and the reason I’m writing this section into this post.  I was out working on our shed (roof replacement) and listening to an oldies station on internet radio.  At one point this song came on…

I immediately recognized We Can Fly and realized that I hadn’t heard it since its heyday in 1968.  I was pretty sure it was The Cowsills from the familial harmonies and popish sound.  The song reached a respectable #21 on the charts at the time and served as a followup to their initial success with The Rain The Park and Other Things (which had reached #2 earlier that year).

Easy to see how they became the inspiration for The Partridge Family (tv series) a few years later…

By the way, the family band has already made an appearance on these pages thanks to our discussion of Sunshine Pop.

Of course I’m frequently in debt to YouTube for its massive compilation of music (among other things).  And it was in search of something else that I came across another song which I hadn’t heard in several decades.  Down somewhere in our basement is a copy of Sir Army Suit, a 1978 album by Canadian band Klaatu.  I quite liked the sound of the band (not surprising given that, at the time, their music was oft mistaken for work by another group…The Beatles!)  One of my favs from that Klaatu album was a gentle song titled Dear Christine.  It managed to reach #68 in Canada’s RPM rankings but did not register on US charts.*

Canadian prog rock group Klaatu in its prime

*Speaking of US charts, the only two Klaatu singles which registered on the Billboard Hot 100 were Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft and Sub-Rosa Speedway…both reaching #62 in 1976.  A quick listen to Sub-Rosa Speedway will certainly explain the band’s unintended (but unmistakable)1 resemblance to The Beatles (or, at least, Paul McCartney)…

Coming Back…

When I started this blog (six years ago!) my intention was (in part) to use it to motivate me to write (my own) tunes from time to time.  And, if you look back through the catalogue of posts, I have in fact included a number of songs…some composed prior to the instigation of this blog…and some since.  My point… I haven’t done so for some time and this post is remediation for that oversight.

I haven’t attempted to add lyrics as yet…but I did give my song a title…Coming Back. That’s just by way of underscoring my desire to return to the premise in keeping a blog.

Several notes…

You may want to skip this and just listen to the song.  You may want to listen first and read this subsequently.  You may in fact want to skip this entire section!

  • The song is in 3/4 (waltz) time and modulates between Gb+ and Eb+.
  • What now appears as the chorus was originally my notion of a verse.  But I decided to make it a destination rather than a start point.
  • That chorus repeats a phrase three times.  I liked the bass of the third phrase but didn’t want to overstate that harmonic progression.  So… the first two phrases of the chorus simply use a sustained Eb bass.
  • The structure is pretty simple… verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus (coda)
  • When I started recording, I had a more complex arrangement in mind (ie. variety of instruments/timbres).  In the end it’s just piano with a bass line and a little organ for colour.

Here’s the song…

Last month I mentioned several “50-year anniversary” acknowledgements.  I hope to add one further anniversary of personal import at the end of October.  Stay tuned…









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