Well, it is Valentine’s Day.  And it’s been a busy month (my excuse for not posting until now).  Maybe not a good excuse, but there it is.

In any case, I’m using this post to introduce a “direction” which I will expand on in a week or two…and that direction involves going in circles.  The chosen song titles will thus include words like “round” and “circle”.  For today I’ll content myself with one selection which embodies the day and the theme.

the association

Round Again” is a rather quirky little love song from The Association‘s debut album in 1966.  It features the songwriting talents of member Jules (Gary) Alexander (third from left).

Here I go ’round again
Think I hear the bells resound again
Ringing as they never have before
With melodies that I cannot ignore
Modulating just a step or two
Every single time I lay my eyes on you
I’m getting high, I think
But I haven’t had a thing to drink
At the insistence of the court
I hear it’s getting me very dizzy
I hear conversions all so crazy ’round the room is
Spinning in a groovy 6/8 time
Like these notes you seem to be everywhere
No matter where I go I seem to see you standing there
Then things start swinging
Bells start their ringing
Life has new meaning for me
Here I go round again
Think that I am never comin’ down again
From this crazy spin that I am in again
Again (again) again (again)…

Have a love-ly Valentine’s Day.



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