and, strangely enough, here in Southern Ontario we’ve been enjoying some exceptionally fine weather.  Made more fine by the fact that such days can be at a premium this time of year.  We’ve been frequenting a beach just south of town with our canine companions and taking advantage of the sunshine/warmth as long as possible…

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I should add that today (November 11th) continues that pattern with lots of sunshine and a high in the double digits (ie. +10ºC)

And… because it’s November I want to introduce a theme which will be running through the next several posts.  For today I’ll be cryptic and simply provide an example of a song which fits that theme.  Have you ever heard… ?

The Esquires (circa 1967)
The Esquires (circa 1967)

The Esquires originally formed in 1957 as R&B music began making its mark in popular music.  It would be ten years, however, before this song (Get On Up) gave the group national exposure.  It reached #3 on the R&B charts and #11 as a pop single (Billboard) in 1967.

So then… what’s the theme?  Let’s just say that I have Randy Bachman to thank for my inspiration this time ’round.  Next post arriving shortly… and all will be explained.

Thanks, Randy... now, smile.
Thanks, Randy…      now, smile.

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