You gotta feel for the guy… he can’t get it out of his head.

Now I know I’m supposed to be finished talking about ear worms (as such) but… (and I blame The Hit Men for this) for over a week I’ve had this going through my head…

To elaborate…

I happened across a PBS segment which featured former members of The Four Seasons and (Tommy James and) The Shondells.  These folks have banded together (literally) to form a group called The Hit Men.  I was mildly intrigued so I watched part of their concert.  Perhaps inevitably they included this ditty…

Innocent enough, eh?  And yet, many days have passed and I still “can’t get it out of my head”.  So I’m hoping that the writing of this post will exorcise this particular worm.  I might add that I’ve also heard the original several times since that fateful day while out shopping.  It’s like I’m being followed.  And, when I reflect on it, I realize that I had even mentioned the song myself in a previous post.  I won’t make you look it up (I pasted it here again) but it was, as you’ll see, used in one of those flash mob things… in this case with accompanying proposal.

If I haven’t managed to rid myself of this particular worm, just maybe I’ve managed to pass along the infection.  Have you recently been immunized?







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