…but not for me!

This is a special day in several ways… besides being the month of our wedding anniversary (43rd if you’re counting), it’s also

  • the 10th anniversary of my retirement from teaching and, hence, the 10th year in which the first day of school isn’t.
  • the 5th year (to the exact day) since I began this blog… check it out if you don’t believe it!

And so, to celebrate…

morgan musings

we do (more or less) what we did each “first day of” anniversary… we grab a coffee and head down to the lake and…

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Usually our beach visit is followed by a dog walk.  Sadly we no longer have two of the dogs (except in spirit) we had in 2010 (when I began this blog).  So, Gem and Kes, today’s walk at Black’s Point is dedicated to you (always a favoured destination).  Fortunately Maggie and Roo do keep us busy.

Our little OCD dog...



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To those for whom this day represents the first of a new school year, I hope it’s a very good one for you.  To those for whom it isn’t, enjoy!


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