This…Family Day

Ontario is one of several provinces here in Canada to celebrate “Family Day”… unfortunately, a holiday which did not exist during my teaching career.  This year’s edition definitely featured sitting close to sources of heat because it was very cold (a low of -29 and a “high” of -15).  Illustrated below…

Note the proximity to the stove.
Note the proximity of our black and whites to the stove.

Apparently “three-dog-night” has its origin as a Australian (aboriginal) expression.  It is suggested snuggling down with one dog was sufficient for a cool night, two would be needed for very cold ones and the most bitter of weather called for a “three dog night”.   Well, we’re ready.

Speaking of… that’s how the band (Three Dog Night) got its name.  I still remember Jane requesting this one of a radio station during our honeymoon…

Speaking of family, Chris (our eldest) treated our family to his interpretation of Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah at our Christmas gathering this year.  He sent along a video of the song several weeks ago… and it arrived in our inbox just in time for Family Day.  Thanks, Chris…

& That… Oscar Night

So, this is Oscar night (and another cold one, low of -25 expected)…

You wouldn't be dressed like that if you were here.
You wouldn’t be dressed like that if you were here.

Now, I’m not really a fan of the event and will probably, at best, catch a few of the highlights after the fact.  After all, it’s Downton Abbey night too!

But I am pleased to see that Glory from Selma (a movie which I haven’t seen yet) is nominated for best song and I do hope it wins.  In case you haven’t heard it yet…

Stay warm (in spirit at least)… spring is just a month away!



p.s. A quick followup from yesterday… Glory was performed at the Oscar ceremony last night and afterward won in the category of best original song.


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