I used this title once before (hence the again).  I have been (and will continue to be) looking at examples of “the unexpected”.  But for today, I’m taking a holiday… figuratively and literally.

Earlier this month we celebrated our 42th wedding anniversary, which happened this year to coincide with the first day of school.  As a former teacher, we have celebrated that first day each September with a coffee (a daily occurrence) and a visit to the lake (not a…)  We opted to take the “high road” and chose to overlook the lake from the vantage point of the local lighthouse.

Proof of claim
Proof of claim…

Our “real” celebration, however, began two days later when we packed our canine companions off to an area kennel and boarded a train for a four-day visit to Ottawa.  Below is a short pictorial accounting of our days spent in the nation’s capital.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although a Youtube clip doesn’t catch the scale of the thing (or the full sound), here’s Mosaika as it was presented this year…

Well, there’s my digression… and a sort of explanation for my delay in posting a new entry.  Back to “The Unexpected” in my next post.


Shortly after publishing this a friend forwarded a link which is oddly apt in conjunction with a recent post.  In this case I suspect Bach would be intrigued…



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