In our neck of the woods, summer has indeed been a long time coming.  Now that it’s here, a little musical tribute to the season.  Although no popular musical group has a lock on the season, it could certainly be argued that The Beach Boys come close to holding the patent.  So… in celebration of the summer here’s a taste of Brian and the boys of the beach.

Incidentally, if you want your Brian fix for the summer, he’s performing in Cork, Ireland on July 4th.

It’s funny (odd, endearing, amusing, sentimental) to look back and see a very young band invading the British airwaves in 1964.  Here they are (unvarnished) on Ready, Steady, Go. 

Even younger (although lip-syncing and, I believe, without Al Jardine in the lineup [David Marks in his stead at that juncture]), here they are on Steve Allen in 1963.

So, like me, you can’t get to Cork in time for the concert.  Just use your imagination… we’re off to Glastonbury!





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