Triple Play

Our current journey is almost at an end… and today I have three groups for your consideration.

Track 17

Any time you need a timeline to explain the additions and deletions in group membership over period of less than ten years you know that it is an “evolving” group.

Not sufficient for you?  Check out the Wikipedia entry.
Not sufficiently confusing for you? Check out the Wikipedia entry.

In spite of the instability, The Grassroots managed no less than three top ten hits, three more in the top twenty and another eight in the top forty!  This was a California group to be sure, the brainchild of Lou Adler, P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri.  Whenever a 45 single joined my adolescent record collection in this decade, you will know it was a favourite.  Heaven Knows, which reached #24 on the Billboard charts, is such a single.


The Grass Roots '69 lineup
The Grass Roots ’69 lineup
Grass Roots... original lineup...
Grass Roots… original lineup…

Track 18

At the other end of the spectrum we have (for your consideration) Eternity’s Children.  They would certainly also fit very well in any obscurities compilation.  Two albums, one of which was released only in Canada.  The group’s sole significant single, Mrs. Bluebird, reached a mere #69 on the American Billboard Charts.  It did fare better in Canada (perhaps explaining the second album’s release here).  The group, which originated from Mississippi, formed in 1965 and the production of their first album (released in 1968) was overseen by Curt Boettcher, who had recently produced The Association‘s debut album.


Another 45 still in my collection.
Another 45 still in my collection.

Track 19

I often thought that Bend Me, Shape Me by The American Breed was the quintessential pop song.  Short (just over 2 minutes), catchy and cleverly produced, it was one of several top forty hits for this Chicago area band.  (Begging the question… is Sunshine Pop truly the product of the California sun or just blown in from the Windy City?)  In any case, the single reached #5 on the Billboard charts in 1967.

In this case, I got the album... but after it had been discontinued!
In this case, I got the album… but after it had been discontinued!

It’s (almost) always fun to watch these groups perform “live” (ie. pretending to perform over the recorded version)… here’s how The American Breed did it…

Or… if you like your performances really “live”, here’s The Grass Roots…

And finally… a test!

So, now you’ve heard (or heard again) a song by

1. The Grass Roots

2. Eternity’s Children

3. The American Breed

Here are three more songs by these groups. See if you can match the song to the group from the distinct style of each.



C.  (This is the easiest one, I think.)

Answers in the next post…











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