“It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” 


Today I’m taking a break from compiling “sunny songs” and considering sun in a different context.  It’s been a slow march to spring this year (gradual and with much trepidation)…  I suspect that, in part, explains Jane’s decision to chronicle our dog walks this month pictorially.  Doing that has enabled us to see that, in spite of the variances day to day, we are indeed moving to resurrection in nature- appropriate on this Easter weekend.  Although the month is not over, I thought that sharing these moments might reflect the hope that is inherent in the coming of spring.

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And what are these musings without a musical accompaniment?


Recently I joined our neighbour in performing several songs at a church supper.  We did a little “Irony Medley”,,, Gershwin’s They Can’t Take That Away and Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz.  (The irony being that the first song was Gershwin’s only nomination for Best Song at the Oscars [nominated posthumously and unsuccessfully… ironic] and the second a very successful song [an Oscar winner and AFI’s #1 movie song of all time] but one which had been almost dropped from the movie score by the producers [again ironic]).

Tom (our neighbour) also sang JT’s Shower the People

Next post… back to Sunshine and the penultimate additions to our compilation!


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