One of those years.  This is where I normally post a few Yuletide photos of the family.  However, in this case, things didn’t materialize as planned.  This past weekend (when we were supposed to get together) we instead got a rather nasty ice storm.  Especially around Toronto.  And, since two of the travelling families live in the region (and both lost their hydro in the wake of the storm), we decided to defer our gathering until a date a little closer to Epiphany than Christmas.  All that said, we’ve also been receiving our share of snow in the past few days as well.  So… instead, here are some pictures we took during a Christmas Eve walk by the river.  Family pictures will follow… eventually.

For your listening pleasure, here is Home Free, this year’s winners in The Sing-Off (seasonal NBC offering).  Enjoy the weather (what choice?)

Congrats, guys!
Congrats, guys!

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So... where is everybody?
So… where is everybody?


I was reminded, when I posted this particular installment, that I had now reached the 100-post milestone in my blog.  It just goes to show that, even if you don’t have a great deal to say, you can take a great deal of time to say it!


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