Several years ago I was listening to the radio (probably the CBC) and was introduced to an East Coast [Halifax] band called The Heavy Blinkers.  At the time their song Try Telling That To My Baby was receiving some modest airplay.  Their sense of pop certainly owes much to the music of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  They cite individuals such as Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney and Harry Nilsson as influences.  Here’s the official video of the song (and a strange thing it is!)

Well, I liked the song enough that (with the promise of echoes 0f Wilson et al in the music) I purchased the album The Night And I Are Still So Young.  And it was true…

Just one example… this is a track titled Filtered Light

I find resonance with a number of songs from The Beach BoysSurf’s Up period.  Here a song (Feel Flows) from that album which seems to provide some inspiration for the later Heavy Blinkers composition.

That the Blinkers admit to the influence of these earlier musicians does nothing to diminish the unique pleasantness of their own music.  Check them out on Youtube… there’s a fair smattering of songs to be found there.

Since we’re talking Surf’s Up…

I can’t close this post without mentioning a favourite from the album… a reflective (yea, melancholy?) little ditty by Brian called Til I Die.  (By the way, if you haven’t ever heard that album or not heard it for a while it’s certainly worth a spin.)

And… if you want to know a bit more about the song and its composer, check here.


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