It may be an event, a book, a person, a place or a song… I’m sure most of you have experienced it.  You see something, you hear something (smell something?) or respond to something that reminds you of a prior occurrence in your life.  We even borrow from the French “Déjà vu” in order to describe our reaction… suggesting that it extends beyond cultural limitations.

Sometimes the reminder is deliberate.  I’m currently immersing myself in the Renaissance Period… and many of the great artists of that era made deliberate claim to be recapturing the glory of Roman and Greek architecture and sculpture.  So… seeing a Renaissance work and being reminded of the classical inspiration for the work was exactly what was intended.

The Erechtheum, a temple located by the Acropolis in Athens.
The Erechtheum, a temple located by the Acropolis in Athens.
hospital of the innocents brunelleschi
Elements of classical architecture can be seen in Brunelleschi’s Hospital of the Innocents.

On the other hand, sometimes the “imaginative leap” is quite unintended.  Something in a present experience (processed through the individual’s grey matter) causes a memory of previous experience.  It certainly happens in music.  Listen again to Alec Roth’s Sol Justitiae and see if it doesn’t bear some vague resemblance to’ Spem In Alium by Thomas Tallis (which was part of our recent Obscurities tangent).  The resemblance is, I suspect, deliberate.

(part of our Salisbury Cathedral experience)

Which brings me to listening to Michael Bublé’s current hit A Beautiful Day

Perfectly pleasant on its own terms… but, oddly enough, it made me think of a song which had not crossed my mind in years

Morning Girl was a moderate hit (#17) for a group called The Neon Philharmonic.  Why the Bublé hit brought it to mind I’m not sure.  It could be the orchestration.  The male solo voice.  The “morningness” of A Beautiful Day.  I’m not going to seek to analyse the connections or prove their legitimacy to anyone but… perhaps a few other musical examples of such “associations” might occupy the next post or two.  Why not?  It may get you ruminating on your own “that reminds me of…”.

Did you know #1?

In the Neon Philharmonic video (for reasons unknown) there’ s a pic of The Association?

Did you know #2?

This past week we awoke to the sight of a Ferris wheel being erected (for a summer festival) just across from our house?  The proof (photographed from our front door)…

Bet you don't have one of these in your front yard!
Bet you don’t have one of these in your front yard!

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