First a little trivia…

I was thinking of an appropriate title for my Obscurities compilation and the phrase Assembled Multitude came to mind.  It is perhaps a fitting descriptor for the collection but hardly original.  Back about 1970 a group calling itself The Assembled Multitude (composed of session musicians) created an album of cover instrumentals.  The most successful single of which was the Overture from Tommy.  It peaked at #16 on the Billboard charts (so hardly obscure) but was the only real “hit” from the album.  It did draw further attention (if needed) to The Who rock opera at the time… a show which, by the way, is currently playing at the Stratford Festival near here.  This is the AM version…

Assembled Multitude… An Obscurities Compilation

So… all I’ve done here is to reorder my  sequence (with some bonus tracks included) and you can now hear them all in about 60 minutes of unrelenting obscurity.  I’ve created this as one continuous track…  If you are looking for some background music to fill an hour or so, have a listen.  The playlist order is

1. Now We Begin [Russ Giguere]

How else would I begin?

2. The Town I’d Like To Go Back To [The Cryan Shames]

A song about nostalgia… how appropriate.

3. Nobody Told Me [John Lennon]

Can you believe it… I initially forgot to include John on this playlist!

Now corrected, he’s here only by virtue of this being his acoustic demo (versus the full version we all know).

4. Spaceship Orion [The Ozark Mountain Daredevils]

A little science fiction never hurts… or is it?

5. Give Me One More Chance [Wilmer and the Dukes]

Just to get you dancin’…

6. I Really Hope You Do [The Friends of Distinction]

… like this song.

7. Come and Give You Love to Me [The New Colony Six]

This is the album version… visit Youtube for the single… it’s a bit different.

8. Just to See Her [Smokey Robinson]

My own personal obscurity… until now.

9. Where You Are (Where I Belong) [Tranquility]

A certified obscurity… can’t be found on Youtube.

10. Requiem for the Masses [The Association]

Of its time and timeless…

11. Spem In Alium [Tallis]

How did this get here?  Don’t know but I’m glad it did.

12. I Was Glad [The Edwin Hawkin Singers]

After Tallis, it was the best I could come up with…

13. Like a Ship [Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir]

The song that got this whole thing started…

14. Ooh Child [The Five Stairsteps]

…not obscure but a good (hopeful) note on which to finish our compilation.

Happy listening!
Happy listening!

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