As promised, this will be my last “official” obscurity.  A final related task is a consolidation post which will group all these songs into an online album… but that’s for later.  Before I get to #10, I would like to draw your attention to one unrelated selection.

The composer
The composer

Chris (our eldest) was recently asked to compose a song on the topic of zombies, specifically a regional tale of a man which has (we hope) been exaggerated over the years.

The subject
The subject

As Chris said, zombies are not his usual subject matter… but it did offer him a chance to create a “story song”.   And I think he’s told the tale well.  Have a listen…

Tom’s Curse  (click it if you dare!)

ω ω ω ω ω

Getting back to today’s obscurity, I was sorely tempted to finish the set with some appropriately-themed choice… like The Beatles’ The End… or even The Doors’ The End.  But let’s face it… these could in no way be construed as obscure.  Instead I decided to forget about a song of finality and simply choose another song you are unlikely to have heard.  And… it happens to fit into the same timeline as most of our obscurities… this one released in 1969.  Now the group responsible,The Friends of Distinction, were not one-hit wonders.  Their first (and biggest) single was a vocal version of an instrumental hit by Hugh Masekela called Grazing in the Grass.  Here’s a bit of his version performed live at the FIFA World Cup opening concert in 2010…

And… here’s a bit of The Friends of Distinction performing their vocalized version in 1970 on Ed Sullivan…

But, of course, we are not dealing with hits (this one reached #3 on the Billboard charts).  We are dealing with obscurities.  So, we turn the hit single over and, on the other side, is a song called I Really Hope You Do.  And, although I liked Grazin’ enough to buy the single at the time, I found that, after numerous listenings, I liked the B-side even more.  Here it is…

The Friends of Distinction
The Friends of Distinction

So there you have it… ten obscurities (actually more when I include bonus tracks!) awaiting consolidation.  Next time…


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