By the time I saw The Association for the first time in 1970, they had just released Stop Your Motor and Russ Giguere was no longer with the group.  He had, in fact, embarked on a solo project and the result was Hexagram 16, released in 1971.

Hexagram 16... Giguere's only solo effort.
Hexagram 16… Giguere’s only solo effort.

Because I was attentive to all things Association at that time, I soon discovered the album and immediately bought it.  Considerably scratchier after 40 years, it’s still a “fun listen”.  The album opens with a little number written by Giguere called Now We Begin.  You won’t find it on YouTube but you can hear it here…

It’s just a obscure pleasant introductory song to an album that also qualifies as obscure.  (It might also be noted that it has a bit of a Venus and Mars [Paul McCartney] vibe although it predates McCartney’s song by several years.)  I did discover one song from Giguere’s album on YouTube… a rather indulgent (cf. Tranquility) selection called Pegasus.   Still, it’s an interesting track.

Not obscure but…

as I was writing this post, I came across another song (not obscure) which I had purchased (both in single and album form) in my youth.  The song… Ooh Child.  I was listening to the group (The Five Stairsteps) perform it on Soul Train via Youtube… and discovered in reading the posted comments that one of the family (it was a family band) passed away this month (May, 2013).

clarence burke
Clarence Burke Jr. of The Five Stairsteps


So… to Clarence Burke… thank you for the song.  A classic.


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