Everybody’s runnin’ and no one makes a move…

No one could accuse John Lennon of obscurity.  Even his Nobody Told Me (actual title of the song) reached #6 in the UK and #5 in the US (it was his final posthumous hit single).   But I’ve included it here because… well, his lyrics often seem to come to mind when things get a little muddled.

A younger John Lennon
A younger John Lennon

Or should I say muddied?  About a month ago our family (us, our kids, their kids) decided to get together at the home of our youngest and his family.  We haven’t farmed our dogs (you remember them) out in a while, in part due to several canine illnesses over the last few months. christmas-card-dogs.jpgSo we arranged a short stint of “doggie day care” at a local kennel and, exactly one week ago, drove them out to the kennel in anticipation of this day trip.  We had dressed up and done all the prep work (including Jane’s making of a magnificent potato salad).  Delivery done, I turned around in the kennel parking area.  Now this is where it gets a little weird.  There is an ample gravelled section but also a grassed portion adjacent where I’ve turned around many times before.  It had, however, been raining rather frequently over the several preceding days and, as my car wheels crossed into this grassy section, the car essentially sank.  The ground (very clay soil) would not let go and any mild attempt at movement simply mired us more deeply.  Jane and the kennel owner nobly tried to push the car out of the muck but succeeded only in getting themselves covered in mud (by the way, Jane’s coat, new pants and new shoes included).  After about a hour of futile spinning of wheels (literal and figurative) we finally decided to get a tow and, after another delay (only one towing operation in town), we were eventually winched out.  The car was filthy, we were both covered with mud and we were about three hours behind our planned departure time.

Give the distance to be travelled in this journey (about three and a half hours one way), we instead cleaned off the car, phoned the kids to express our regrets and changed into something a little less dirty than our travelling clothes.  We finally sat down to collect our wits… then it came to me…

Everybody’s runnin’ and no one makes a move…

Nobody told me there’d be days like these

Strange days indeed

Most peculiar, mama…

Strange days indeed.  This song might qualify as obscure only if compared to his numerous major solo and Beatles hits.  But the irony of it fit my mood that day… so here’s the song.  (A small accommodation to obscurity… this is the acoustic demo from which the final recording was fashioned.)

On the bright side, we had a large bowl of potato salad all to ourselves that evening.


p.s. If you’re feeling a little cheated in the obscurity department with this entry, try Come and Give Your Love to Me by The New Colony Six (another of those sixties Chicago bands).  A guaranteed obscurity… although it is to be found on Youtube… (note the difference between the single and album version).

Groovy, eh?
Groovy, eh?

Single version above… album track (courtesy of Youtube) below.


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