A little slow at getting in my second post for the month… but here it is.  And, fortunately, it’s an easy one.  A new obscurity… from a group that released only one album and with one single (this one) that reached only #80 on the charts.  But… it is, for me, the epitomy of “funky”.

Because YouTube has an explanatory clip of the group as well as the song, I’ll leave it to “Music Mike” to tell you about Wilmer and the Dukes and Give Me One More Chance.

What I will speak to is my particular remembrance regarding the song.  It was 1968 (must have been… that’s when the song came out) and our class had a field trip (I suspect nature-related) to Rondeau Provincial Park.  I recall nothing of the the trip except standing standing in the Rondeau pavilion, a rather cavernous wooden structure shortly before our departure.

Amazing what you can find with a little search...
Amazing what you can find with a little search…

They were apparently holding a dance in the pavilion that evening and, in preparation, field-testing some of the songs to be played.  And, while I was standing there, over the sound system came the distinctive sound of Give Me One More Chance.  I remember thinking to myself at that moment that if I went to dances (which Baptists didn’t) and if I heard that song I’d immediately be out on the floor doing my moves (which Baptists [of course] didn’t).  It was, at least, enough to convince me that I needed to buy the ’45… and so I did subsequently.  It’s now a very scratched and worn relic of my youth but also a testament to my enduring affection for the song.  Here it is (crank up your sound system)…

A small “by the way”.  By the way, while I was looking for a picture of the pavilion I also came across this advertisement for a show there in 1969.  So I guess Rondeau Pavilion really was a destination for live shows and dances…


And, in the likely scenario that I don’t get back to writing until next month, I’ll take this opportunity to wish all a happy Easter.



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