Well… we’ve been talking about obscure songs in an era which makes true obscurity very rare (obscure?).  But here’s one example…

1. It’s a song which can’t (currently) be found on Youtube.

2. It’s recorded/performed by a group which (currently) has no entry on Wikipedia.

3. The band’s two albums didn’t register (so far as I can determine) on the Billboard charts… and this song never was released as a single.

The group featured the songwriting talents (almost exclusively) of Terry Shaddick.  Its formation can, to some extent, be credited to Ashley Kozak, Donovan‘s former manager (and, if you don’t know who Donovan is… there’s no hope! )  Anyway, the band gained some modest traction in 1972 with the release of this first (self-titled) album and on tour as opening act for the Byrds.


Their style (at least on this album) was quite eclectic (folkish, popish, countryish by turn).  Two things that mark (for me) Where You Are (Where I Belong) are its vocal textures and the indulgent (self-indulgent?)* nature of the production.

So, here’s the song…

Tranquility circa 1973
Tranquility circa 1973

It’s worth noting that I wouldn’t have purchased the album (and I did purchase the album) unless I had heard this (obscure) song on the radio at least once.  And, a few years earlier, this sort of song would never have received airplay.

All will be explained (indulgence-wise* and airplay-wise) in my next post… which will revisit two (very non-obscure) songs from 1967.

Meanwhile, the title song from the band’s second album (Silver) is on Youtube… and represents some of the same qualities as Where You Are.


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