Water.  One of the traditional four elements.   Inherent in the creation and sustaining of life as we know it.  As a matter of fact in the world of symbols water is the concrete representation of life.  It also signifies change, purification, cleansing, power, deity, mystery and reflection in appropriate context.  It is a central symbol in all major religions and cultures.  

So it is not altogether surprising that I have always had a notion that I’d like to live by water… stream, river, lake or ocean.  And not now surprising to find the third largest freshwater lake (by surface area) at the end of our street.

A favourite destination for our daily walks.

Water.  Also a favoured theme in music composition… as symbol or backdrop in lyrics.  As expressed in melody, harmony and instrumentation.  Although few of my posts are without a music component, I have recently relied on others (via Youtube) to provide the soundtrack or managed just a quick recording to illustrate a point in a particular post.  Today I attempted to take a bit more time in my aural illustration… I’ve created a short medley around two elegantly simple folk melodies- The Water Is Wide and Shenandoah.  The first is a traditional English 0r Scottish tune (alternately called O Waly, Waly) dating from the 17th century.  The latter is an American folk song (sometimes called Across the Wide Missouri) dating from the early 1800’s.  Various sets of lyrics have evolved in both tunes (you can check these out online) over their venerable history… but constant in the variations and additions are the references to water in its literal form as well as its emotional and symbolic connections.  Here’s the medley…

And, to conclude this “stream” of consciousness…

1.  I’m planning only one (seasonal) post for next month but hope to have it up by early December.

2. The previous post included some personal reminiscences on the subject of birthdays.  I opened with the Beatles jaunty foray into the subject.  Speaking of elegant (earlier in this post), here’s an Association take on the same theme.  Enjoy the harmony…


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