First, a toast…

to all those returning to the wonderful world of education… as student, teacher or something else.

As recent custom dictated, we ventured down to the lake, coffee in hand, to celebrate the first day of the new school year on September 4th.   Two days prior we participated in a celebration of a different sort.  As I have mentioned previously, this year marked our fortieth wedding anniversary.  Our trip in June was part of that celebration.  Our children decided that the actual day (September 2nd) needed a more familial touch.  So on Sunday they (with spouses and children in tow) descended upon our house (we were warned of their arrival but not the precise nature of the visit).

Two of our sons (Chris and Peter) composed and recorded a song to mark the occasion… appropriately titled …

The Ballad of Bruce and Jane

By Peter Morgan and Chris Morgan

In September, Nineteen-seventy-two,

Bruce and Jane married at the Chapel St. Luke’s.

She, an artist who had already travelled the world,

He, a teacher’s son, fell in love with this girl.

In two years time, a baby boy came to be,

Wasn’t long before their home was home to three.

To the East they went, to the Atlantic Sea,

To the North, Tobermory and Sault St. Marie.

In London-town, where they planted their roots,

Lansing, Gardenwood, Langarth and Emery, too.

Then to Goderich, in three decades time,

On the lake, Gem, Kess, Roo, and the sun – how it shines!

In September, Two-thousand and twelve,

Forty years have passed since the sound of wedding bells.

In September, Nineteen-seventy-two,

Bruce and Jane married at the Chapel St. Luke’s.

In September, Two-thousand and twelve,

Forty years have passed, and all is still well.

All is well.

On the other hand, our middle son, Patrick, decided to right a longstanding pictorial wrong.   If you have ever been part of a family portrait session you will know that they often don’t go “according to plan” (we speak from experience).  Beside the inherent tension of dressing and gathering parents and children together there are the closed and/or red eyes, the strangely contorted faces, the fits of giggling, braces, pimples, bizarre backgrounds, odd lighting and various similar impediments to visual perfection.  So our son took some of the best (best?) parts from several of these sessions to create his vision of the ideal Morgan family portrait…

We think he caught our collective essence, don’t you?

We were then escorted to a nearby restaurant (a very good one) where we were treated to a delicious lunch.

Some of us ate…
…and some of us just slept through it.

We returned to our house for dessert…

…and champagne.

And about those problems with family portraits?  They continue with a whole new generation…


It was a memorable day and we deeply appreciate the generosity of time, talent and toonies (ie. fiscal resources… going for alliteration) from you all.

We toast your generosity of spirit… we are fortunate.

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