Two posts back I introduced a couple of musical snippets which I suggested might (note might) eventually evolve into a song.  I revisited those fragments today and, through the magic of repetition, have extended the entity into the length of a short song.  I tried playing it several times and then recorded (one take!) this…

Fortunately, it’s still “early days”… so we may yet reach the goal of creating a song.  I revisit this progression in a post or two…


Rather odd that, when I was listing musical influences in my early posts, I didn’t include James Taylor.  He has certainly been a favourite over the years.  A distinctive (comfortable old shoe) voice.  A remarkably consistent songwriter.  A seasoned live performer.  I’ve seen him in concert several times and he is accompanied by fine musicians who perfectly complement his style.  His solo performances are equally engaging and well suited to the intimacy of his lyrics.  Take your pick… here he is solo (from his hairier days) and in ensemble performance…

And, if hearing these encourages you to dig out your old JT albums to get reacquainted, all the better…

Puzzle Piece #3

This is today’s musical clue.  The group, the New Vaudeville Band, apparently won a Grammy for Best Pop Recording in 1967 with this one (yes, besting the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Association et al).  Strange days indeed (to quote John Lennon)…


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