He's back...

A Poet

As some of you may know, Leonard Cohen has recently released an album of new songs… Old Ideas.  And, as always, the man has a way with words.  I wanted to give a tip of the hat  to this Canadian icon and thought… well, why not with a song.


I recall what I forgot

Like the tea that’s found its pot

Now just keep the water hot

Till I get home

Like a ship without a sail

Now my outboard motor’s failed

Just as Jonah told the whale

Please take me home


Put your hat upon the shelf

And hang up that other self

Here the man becomes an elf

When he gets home


While your bird sits on a wire

While my wings stuck in the mire

While the tower of song’s on fire

Light my way home

They don’t have your nose for words

They can’t smell what is absurd

It’s contagious- or so I’ve heard

Avoid their home


Put a shelf upon your hat

Cause you don’t care that it’s flat

Whatever’s wrong is right now that

You’re safe back home…

And, if you could use your imagination and visualize (audioize?) the very, very low voice intoning the words…


After that you may need a dose of the real thing… so give the album a spin (spin?)…

A Princess… Puzzle Piece Part II

In the previous post I began a rather cryptic puzzle which (I warned) would continue over several months.  Here’s the next clue…

Princess Elizabeth with daughter, Anne

Sixty years ago she started the month of February as a princess.  By the end of that month she had begun her reign as Queen Elizabeth II.  While February is significant, the zenith of celebration in England will occur in early June.

Incidentally, I have several points of conjunction with the Queen.  I was born in the year of her ascendance to the throne.  And, as she celebrates her diamond jubilee this year, Jane and I will be celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary. 


…and a Preacher’s Wife

If you partake of the media in some form you will, no doubt, have learned of the untimely death of Whitney Houston.  There have been countless expressions of sorrow and loss by those who admired her amazing singing voice.  While her troubled personal life has been the focus of attention in recent years, she will be ultimately be remembered for her recordings and performances.  For me, she was never better than in a rather unremarkable Christmas movie- The Preacher’s Wife.  The story may have been sentimental and predictable (something of a variant on It’s a Wonderful Life)… but with Denzel Washington as the angel and Houston as the PW, it does possess an endearing quality.  And the music!  Houston’s gospel roots are front and centre in several of the songs.  I like to think that these performances represent her vocal gift at its best and most authentic.  This is my personal favourite from the soundtrack…



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