Done, as is often the case with me, in reverse order…

A Congratulary Note

As some of you will know, Jane (my wife), has been toiling away in a masters program (her second) over the past several years.  For about eighteen months that has taken the form of a thesis… mainly drawn from the writings of Karl Barth, a German theologian of the twentieth century.  Hence the title of her work… Karl Barth, Hope and the Healing of Time.

Don't let the pretty cover colours fool you...

Although it (the thesis) weighs in at a substantive 160 pages,  it pales beside her principal source material, Barth’s Church Dogmatics, which numbers fourteen (dense) volumes… one entry in her ten-page bibliography…

The congratulary part?  Well, she has finished the thesis, successfully defended it… and it is presently being printed and bound.

I think Karl would be pleased... I know I am.

An Experiment

If you have read/listened to some of these posts, you will know that music and the creating of it has formed the core around which this blog has swirled… its inspiration, so to speak.  Now, entering a new year, I thought a little experiment might be in order.  So, here’s the methodology (and it’s a simple one…)
1. Take a musical idea of some sort (create).
2. Play with it (develop the idea).
3. Shake.
4. See if a song falls out.
So, this being the first step… I just sat down and played around with some chord progressions- ones I like and some you’ve heard in my previous efforts.  Here is the result…
Remember.. new year, new picture...
Now, if you think that sounds rough… that’s the idea.  I mean, right now it is just an idea.  I have two other notions about the piece.  First, I want to add a bridge section… maybe something like this… 
 The other notion is simply a working title.  When I was fiddling (fiddle on a piano?) I kept hearing the phrase “so long”.  Now I rather like playing with words and this one is rather fun.  Consider how it’s used…
1. So long… as in So long!  I’ll see you later.
2. So long… as in Why is this taking so long? (a measure of time)
3. So long… as in This skirt is so long.  (a measure of distance)
4. So long… as in I so long to be finished this thesis! (something greatly desired)
 So, for now, let’s call this musical notion So Long… and see what develops over the next several posts.

A Puzzle

 This is another ongoing effort (for writer and reader alike).  Over the next few months (like about five or six of them) I’m going to be giving you pieces of a puzzle to solve.  Don’t be too concerned, especially at the start- because the clues will be very cryptic.  Here’s your first piece of the puzzle…  How might you combine these two pictures?
You've seen this before...
And you've seen him too..
 Cryptic enough for ya?
See you next month…

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