And so I am (courtesy of Nat King Cole)…

That’s the thing about good intentions.  I had intended to get to recording some new material, songwise, but life (especially around the Christmas season) seems to intervene.  I’m currently trying to address our rough-hewn basement stairway before the arrival of yuletide visitors and thus writing posts and songs has taken a back seat.  So I’m… bidin’ my time on that front until the new year.  Meanwhile, at least here’s a new post just in time to make my November quota.

As many of you will probably know, that song (Bidin’ My Time) is another creation of the team of brothers George and Ira Gershwin.  They’ve been the subject of several posts, often in conjunction with our Beach Boy friend, Brian Wilson.  I’m really not trying to turn this into a BW tribute blog… it’s just that Brian’s been a busy B-Boy this season.  First he released a collector’s edition of the “greatest album never made”… Smile.

Not only that, in another melding of his sound with another “musical institution” he’s decided to put his own spin on…


In addition to When You Wish, he gives the signature Beach Boys sound to such Disney gems as You’ve Got a Friend in Me and Can You Feel the Love Tonight?  In fact he’s included two songs from The Lion King on the album.  So, with that in mind, I thought I’d poke through the ol’ memory banks and see if I could remember my own pair of Lion King tunes.  Here’s a short medley of Can You Feel along with Circle of Life.

(With apologies for hesitations/errors… haven’t played these two for a few years and this is a “one-take” recording.  But then, you’ve already been warned about such things!) 

Being the cusp of December, I hope to have several seasonal posts in the coming month.  Let’s ring those bells…

A p.s. update…

We’ve also been following The Sing Off over its run this season.  Tonight was the finale with the three groups (Pentatonix, The Dartmouth Aires and Urban Method) vying for a Sony recording contract and $200 000.  While Pentatonix was the overall winner, this MJ opener featured all three ensembles.  Next week showcases the top ten participants in a Christmas special… so I’m sure to add at least one clip from that episode!



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