…defined as something declared to be true, a positive statement or judgement.

And the arrival of a new life is one of the most potent illustrations of affirmation.  Especially when that life is healthy and robust.  And all that is by way of introducing our sixth grandchild, third granddaughter, born on October 20, 2011… Natalia Jane.

The newest addition to the clan...

In other news…

The Thanksgiving weekend here witnessed another affirmation in the form of a concert.  Out of the Storm was organized as a fundraiser for Goderich in the aftermath of the tornado which blew through two months earlier.

The concert attracted about 5000 and was blessed with ideal weather for an outdoor event… sunny, temperature in the mid 20’s (C).  It began around noon and continued until after midnight featuring the artists shown in the above poster.  While my personal fav was probably Serena Ryder, I didn’t have the camera for her performance.  I did when the Arkells took to the stage in the evening.  Here’s a bit from their tribute to Stevie Wonder… Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

The concert stage with the courthouse as backdrop...

And an affirmative postscript…

By way of anticipating the next post, here’s a bit of a song you probably don’t know but (as they say) all will be revealed…


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