I haven’t done much playing in recent posts… so I thought I’d start this one with a…

Pop Quiz! 

Knowing that you’ve been carefully reading and digesting all these posts, I’ve devised a little audio evaluation to test your power of recall. Simply identify the post associated with each song I’m playing. The answer follows the video clip… simply click the link to see the matching post. 

1.  Here’s an easy one, you might even say a fab start to this quiz…

We spoke of them ‘way back in November 2010… check it out.

2.  Ah, memories… no one can take them away from you (or me)…

But… do you remember this post?  (from September 2010)

3.  How about a little twist on some old gospel?

Same month… but an even earlier post!

4.  I only played the intro of this one in the original post… but I love the intro… (hint)

I’ll be returning to this group later in the post.

5.  From my “musicals” period of songwriting… here’s hoping you have the imagination to guess the correct post!

Check out this time-ly post!

6.  He toured Canada this past year and was featured in two posts!

Two posts!  This one and this one…

7.  He shoots… he misses…

Here again you get two shots… one and two… (Feeling a little sick after watching that clip?  Disturbing, eh!)

8.  Appropriate choice for just after thanksgiving…

And you will find it in this post…

So… there you have it.  Eight questions.  What was your score?  Good for you… I knew you’d get them all!

After the Fall

I mentioned The Association’s Love Affair (written by Jules Alexander) both in my original post about them and in the above quiz.  For those unfamiliar with it , here’s a bit (from the beginning and the end)…

Several years ago I decided to “borrow” three elements from the song (by way of paying tribute to it) in order to create a song of my own…

  1. something of the emotional ambiance of the song
  2. the use of Gmin7 and C/G chords
  3. the instrumental coda at the end

Although I’ve played it over a number of times…

I never got around to recording it until now…

By the way, the origin of the title?  Well,one Association song (written by Terry Kirkman) is titled Come the Fall.  (You can see where I’m going…)  Since this song came after that song,… well, you get the idea…

 So… following up on my stated intentions in a July post, I am now attempting to compose/record some music which I hadn’t previously developed… specifically to post here (at this site).

And, while I’m sure I’ll digress frequently, that (composing/recording music for this blog) was always my intended destination. And, to again quote Yogi Berra as I did in my second post… 

You’ve got to be very careful

if you don’t know where you are going,

because you might not get there.


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