I said that, in my previous post, I wanted to get back the music theme which I hoped would predominate this blog.  I’m “playing with” an idea for my next entry which will get me actually playing again.  Meanwhile, here’s a nudge in that direction…

If you’ve read my earlier musings, you will know that I have a special soft spot for vocal harmony (cf. The Association, The Beach Boys).  As a music teacher, that was (when it worked) one of my favourite things in directing school choirs. 

So it will come as no surprise that I’ve been a fan of The Sing-Off ever since its debut on network television about three years ago.  Now I should qualify my fondness by saying that I’m not a fan of reality tv programs (in point of fact I watch quite enough television without adding that genre into the mix).  This show, however, has several things in its favour…

  1. competent judges (especially this year)… enthusiastic, honest but not given to nasty comments
  2. a fairly straightforward formula… start with a bunch of preselected good groups (no one brought in only to ridicule) and whittle them down to one
  3. push the performers to grow musically out of their comfort zone
  4. openness to a variety of vocal styles, performers of any age and…
  5. some fabulous live performances… all a cappella

Well, last night marked the third installment of the season.  The groups were asked to perform a contemporary hit as well as a song from the 60’s.  You can watch the episode in its entirity online but here’s a sampler from the 60’s portion.

Urban Method Dance to the Music

YellowJackets Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

I chose the post title (Beautiful Losers) in part because it’s a Leonard Cohen book from the sixties (1966) and in tribute to the group which “got the axe” last night.  Because all the groups are so good, I can only imagine how difficult it is for the judges to choose one to leave.  Kinfolk 9, the group which did get voted off, did an especially moving rendition of The Beatles’ Let It Be.  So I didn’t want to conclude without a salute to these Beautiful Losers

Kinfolk 9 Let It Be 

A Postscript (Where would we be without Youtube?)

I was listening to the news a few days ago and the anchor mentioned an unusual wedding proposal uploaded to Youtube.  If you’re in a sentimental mood after Let It Be, you just might enjoy this… (note the ubiquitous Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You)

And, presuming I don’t get back at this until after (Canadian) Thanksgiving…


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