A new shirt and achy legs…

First day of school…  as a teacher for much of my life, the first day meant achy legs and a new shirt.  The new shirt (metaphorically speaking) represents the excitement of a new school year, a fresh start.  Of course, sometimes there were new pants, even a new jacket.  The achy legs were always a byproduct of that first day… at least for the first twenty years or so of teaching… and gradually lessening over the final dozen “first days”.  After a couple of years of returning home with my leg muscles badly aching, I learned that a hot bath could offer some amelioration for the discomfort.  And, after a couple days of “getting into the groove”, I would be fine for another year.  The achy legs were my physical manifestation of the anxiety/apprehension which also characterizes the start of a new school year.

I suspect, to some degree, most teachers, students (and even parents) experience that combination of excitement and apprehension with the arrival of first day of school.  I must confess that, while I may miss the new shirt, I’m relieved to report that the legs feel fine today.  For all who are experiencing the excitement and apprehension of that first day, I wish your sense of excitement only to increase as the year unfolds and your apprehensions to be few or unfounded.

The Tradition Continues

Ever since our move to Goderich and the coming of each new school year (post-retirement) we’ve made a practice of visiting the waterfront with a cup of coffee at about the same time as I would be preparing to receive students in my other life.  This year we followed that visit up with a walk (canine-accompanied) along Black’s Point.  The slideshow below is a pictorial account of the start of our “first day”.  I’ve also included a picture of each of our grandchildren, the majority of whom begin their first day of school today.  Good luck all!

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And… to finish… for your viewing pleasure… in their first feature length film… together for the first time…

p.s.  An anniversary of a different sort… this marks (more or less) one year of blogging here and it is my intention to continue the journey for at least one more year, DV.