As you may noticed, I was a little slow off the mark in August postings.  By way of explanation, I present “Scenes from a Festival“.  For the past 19 years, Goderich has hosted a Celtic Roots Festival in celebration of all things Celtic.  And, for the past eleven years of the festival, Jane has been involved- often as a teacher (at the Celtic college) and always as a vendor, principally of handmade books.  Needless to say, her creations are (each) the product of many hours work and so festival participation is the culmination of extensive spring/summer preparation.  Usually most of her books sell quickly… but I managed to get in some pics before too many disappeared.  Jane’s mother shares the booth (principally selling jewellery)… and they are collectively known as Rowanbranch.  Below is a sampling of festival sights…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, one of the principal draws to any Celtic festival is the music.  Here are two short samplings of the sort of Celtic performers who grace the stage each year…

So, you see, there was some reason for the delay in creating a post in early August.  The good news… well, the festival is appropriate fodder for a post and (consequently) I’m back on track to complete three this month!


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