Well, the same (some may say foolish) inclination that had me submit several entries to the HNIC theme contest prompted me to respond when I saw that Canada’s Walk of Fame was sponsoring a contest which asked entrants to describe their feelings/aspirations/vision for Canada (in 250 words or less).  With the contest over you can see the finalists at the canadaswalkoffame.com website.  But only here will you see my submission, sincere if somewhat quirky.  What is most notable (for those who know me) is that I (of the Polonius school of self-expression) condensed my entry into 119 words… mirabile dictu!  First, pictorial context…

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And now…



One nation-


a mari usque

ad mare

to see

to seize

the enormity

of what we have

the potential

what can be

with courage

to encourage

those who join us

in making



our stories.

Je me souviens-


in a Trudeau pirouette


in the dream which drove

the last spike

determination forged

in the crucible of Vimy


in the passion of Terry Fox



in a Henderson goal.

We are

too young

to know

our limitations


in our hopes

for our children

to discover

their voice

one voice

in infinite harmony

we will

find the music

we seek

in a word

one that
nurtures us



unites us


p.s.  For those who notice such things, yes, I’m a little slow off the mark for August… but I do intend to have threee posts by the end of the month!

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