A walk through the garden… 2011 edition

I thought I’d take a break from the audio and focus on the visual… translation: shooting a bunch of pictures is easier than trying to record music.   So, I took a walk around the house, got a few pictures of this year’s garden and uploaded them for this post.  As you might suspect, this collection has missed some of the spring/early summer blooms as well as the blossoms which don’t appear until later in the season.  That said, it is a snapshot of things as they are today, July 8, 2011.  And it has been a good year for most of our plants.  So stop and smell the roses (and other things).

p.s. Gem was outside while I was doing this and insisted that she be included in the slideshow.  She did want me to assure you, however, that she (and St. Francis) are not plants.  Just so you know…

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