So… let’s start with some music.  This song was submitted as a HNIC theme… I don’t necessarily think it’s a good hockey theme but it was actually my favourite to play (of those I did submit).  I think that’s partly because it was a fairly simple idea which employed a minimum of instrumentation- piano, organ, bass and drums.  Hence, the title… Back to Basics.  Have a listen…  




And so, the confession…

two of the things I’ve most enjoyed recreationally are writing and music.  At one point, I even considered studying journalism with an eye to a career in the field.  I didn’t… and perhaps as well.  Print journalists (as such) are an increasingly rare breed (at least the “getting paid” variety) and are struggling for a place in the online universe.  Music?  Well, I did end up teaching it at the elementary school level but studied it formally (ie. in a post secondary setting) as a sidebar.  The explanation for that is lengthy and rather tedious so I’ll reserve the conversation for a post when I’m totally lacking inspiration.  The point is… most of my writing and playing have been “business”.  I wrote essays for school and comments for reports cards.  I played as required in my teaching capacity with forays into church service accompaniment. 

That is not to say that such writing and playing was not enjoyable… but the enjoyment was optional, secondary to “getting it done”.  I did find the process of writing school musical scripts and composing songs a liberating activity just because it was optional.  And a creative outlet for the spirit.  Composing the HNIC themes was (on the whole) fun and a reminder of those earlier musical projects.  It seemed to me that an outlet which would allow me write and play for the intrinic pleasure of doing it would be beneficial at this point in my life.  So, this blog was born.

Further confession…

I don’t really like the term blog.  It always sounds (to me) like someone who has just tasted something vile and/or has spewed out the contents… as in blaughhhhhh!  Then again, maybe it’s a valid response to those of us who blog!  Maybe I could call this an onjo… a compression of online journal.  At least that has a vaguely eastern mystical sound.  Hmmm… let me think about it.*

Final confession…

In establishing and maintaining this blog, er, onjo (whatever…) I’m first trying to discipline myself to prepare about three entries a month (so far, so good).  Second, although most of what you’ve heard musically from me are pieces previously created, I’m now hoping (in the chronology of things) to compose/record music (as I’m inclined) specifically for future posts.

* Blog is actually a contraction of we(b log), I gather.  So, I will return to my web log (that’s better) shortly.


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