Well, most of you have heard it…

it’s Hockey Night in Canada!  Whether you’re a diehard fan, an occasional viewer or indifferent to it all, you’ve probably heard that melody for years as the opening theme to the show.  At least until 2008.  At that time CBC was unable to negotiate an extension of the rights to the music.  For better or worse, the folks at CBC decided to initiate a contest to create a new theme for the program.  The final winning result has been heard ever since…

What you may not know is that the judges had to wade through more than 10 000 entries before making their decision.  That included submissions from such notables as the legendary Randy Bachman (he of BTO and Guess Who fame).

takin' care of you know what...

First I must confess that I don’t fall into the hockey fan category although I did have an inexplicable sentimental attachment to the Canadiens in my childhood and still enjoy the occasional game, particularly when it involves international teams (maybe relating to my honeymoon memories!)

On the other hand, the invitation to write a new theme for HNIC gave me a new excuse (new excuse!) for writing a piece of music- something short (about a minute in length) and punchy being called for.  I sat down at the piano (and computer) and, after a certain amount of fiddling, came up with…

Well, that was fun… although the theme of hockey felt a little confining and, as I proceeded to submit more entries, the themes seemed increasingly less hockeylike and more just short, snappy themes.  Welcome (which you heard two posts ago and which I promised to explain) was one of these later submissions (I think I submitted about six in the end… six of  the over 10 000) which, while interesting its own way, probably wasn’t a particularly appropropriate hockey theme.  You will be hearing several of these “other themes” in future posts but I will close with my final submission which did have several “hockey specific” touches…

In the course of uploading my own pieces I did take the opportunity to listen to a number of other entries- some very good, some not so much… and I recall one which I would describe as a beautiful theme although definitely not music which I would in any way associate with hockey.  All in all it was an interesting exercise for me… and one which eventually led,  oddly enough, to the decision to undertake this blog.  That to be explained in the next post…


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