Hey, I still remember my Catullus (Caesar ad villam venit!)  This marks a rather significant transition in my musical chronology…  2005 was my final teaching year and, with retirement (which I prefer to think of as those with greater wisdom paying me to not teach), little “excuse” to continue to write music.  That said, I decided to revisit/rerecord several of the songs from my musical-writing days.  The posted arrangements of It’s A Mystery to Me and Psalm 40 are products of this post-retirement project.  As I was working on these oldies, I had another melody floating around in my head and decided to record it with the others.  I must say that it’s one of those (rather irritating) earworm-type tunes that demanded that I record it to exorcise the song from my brain.  Of course, by putting it up here, it has resurfaced!  I called it Fare Well and, in retrospect, I suppose it was a way of closing one chapter (and opening another).

Now, before you start nodding off from that gentle melody, dear reader, let me welcome you to the next chapter…

(song title…Welcome)

For synth buffs, the sound you are hearing in lead is a vintage Roland Juno 106 (early 80’s variety)… and the recording was done principally to feature a sound setting which I’ve had stored in the beast for about twenty-five years.  There was a second reason (or excuse) for this song and that will be explained in the next post.

And I know that you’ve been wondering about the bathroom reno (remember the pic?)… well, it STILL isn’t exactly done but we can reveal (for the first time) the nearly finished product…

Before (actually in the midst of)
After (well, almost)



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