So, let’s take a short break in the proceedings to examine current affairs.  It’s election time… early in the campaign you may have heard Stephen Harper’s rendition of Imagine.  That got me imagining Imagine reimagined.  Here’s his original…

I’ve modified the lyrics to (I think) better reflect his current campaign.  Feel free to sing along… 


Imagine there’s no Liberals
It’s easy if you try
Opposition far below us
All the pollsters rank us high
Imagine all the people
Tory all the way

Imagine no coalition – It isn’t hard to do
No one who wants to bicker
And no debating too
Imagine all the people
Acquiesce in peace

You may say I’m an autocrat
Want to be the only one
I just say that you’d better join us
Or the sovereigntists will have won.

Imagine no Ignatieff
I wonder if you can
No need to learn to spell it
For he’ll have left our land
Imagine NDPers
Green with jealousy

You may say that I’m a Tory
This country’s mine to run
I hope someday you’ll join us
Except for Guergis- she can’t come.


I get high (in the polls) with a little help from my friends… 


Back next week… meanwhile happy Easter!


p.s.  I just noticed (had to replace video link to youtube) that a number of individuals had similar thoughts to my own on the subject of Mr. Harper and have posted a musical response (using Imagine) on youtube.   Check them out… obviously great minds think alike. 


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