Sorry for the delay in getting back… was “under the weather” for about a week and not feeling like doing much of anything.  Now, however, back to normal (normal?), I thought I’d get a little less ranty… but still “like true Newfoundlanders”.

Let’s return to the midst of the rant (circa 2000)… with all the things I’ve mentioned in the previous post, we decided a break was needed and so, in the summer of 2000 we went east, first to Nova Scotia for a visit with Jane’s Aunt and Uncle (with whom she had a special bond) and then to Newfoundland.  This was our first visit to The Rock and we opted to tour the western coast- landing by ferry at Port Aux Basques, past Cornerbrook  and Gros Morne, rounding the tip at L’Anse aux Meadows and ending at St. Anthony (and back again).


There’s a lot of advertising about the rugged beauty and charm of Newfoundland… and it’s true.  In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we purposely revisited the island in 2006, this time focusing on St. John’s and environs.  Here’s a little pictorial sampling of both trips…

Bruce taking a break near Cornerbrook
Jane and Bruce taking the boat tour of Gros Morne (2000)
Jane at Grenfell House and Museum in St. Anthony
Typical St. John's streetscape (including a house we wanted to buy!)


Lest you think that this all is just adult indulging in “what I did for my summer vacation”, the truth is that these Newfoundland visits were recreational (in the literal sense re + create) and inspirational.   In fact, in the aftermath of our first visit I allowed myself another “excuse” in order to write a tune reflecting the place.  Although I played with some lyrics, what I had was a melody and a title- Homecoming. Now I know that the title is derivative (“it’s been done”)… nevertheless it was firmly connected in my mind with the tune.  So there it sat.  I had always hoped to get around to a choral arrangement so I could have it performed by the school choir.  Eventually (after it was too late to achieve that goal) I mentioned to our eldest (Chris) that I had this melody+title but no satisfactory lyrics.  He suggested that I send him an mp3 of the song and he’d give it a whirl lyrically.  Which I did (just a quick recording) and which he did, adding his vocal line and a bit of acoustic guitar.  The song has never progressed further but I like his mating of the music and lyrics.  All of which is to say, here’s a postscript to this period of songwriting…

This post marks a maritime end (to writing with teaching situations in mind) and a beginning (to writing for other reasons).  Stay tuned for more musical machinations…


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