First, an explanation for the delay in writing this post… I’m currently renovating our bathroom…

I'm going for the fragile minimalist look... successful?

No, really this section is not finished yet.  I’ll post a picture of the finished work (about two weeks from completion, I suspect).  Meanwhile…

Christmas Time

When last we looked at musicals, it was Christmas, 1992.  Fast forward to 1995.  What’s new?  Well, this is the first time I’ve written something for the junior division (grades 4 to 6).  The musical…

Christmas Time.

Alan (Alana) pays a visit to his friend Terry (Terri) on Christmas Eve and discovers that Terry is in the final stages of development of an extraordinary device, a software program which will enable the user to step back in time.  The two experiment with Terry’s invention and find themselves in the trenches during World War One, in the office of a newspaper editor, on tour with Charles Dickens and at a very special Christmas Eve service.  Their final adventure overtaxes Terry’s system but leaves the friends with a new appreciation of the season and of their own imaginations.

synopsis from the script of Christmas Time

As you know, the notion of time travel is hardly innovative… but here it allowed me to visit a number of historical events (an unofficial Christmas truce in the trenches in 1914, the writing of the “Yes, Virginia” editorial, the conversion of a “real-life Scrooge” during one of Dickens’ speaking tours and first performance of Silent Night) and to conclude with a return to that first Christmas celebration.  Each segment had its own musical selection but the one which I’ve chosen here was a salute to human imagination.  The tune is one which has stayed with me and the lyrics are (I hope) philosophically well-intentioned…


(from the musical Christmas Time)

There are the people I’ll never know

Einstein and Shakespeare, Michelangelo

And all those places-

Troy and Pompeii

Carthage and Persia-

So far away

Yet imagination brings to the fore

All of our history- alive once more.

Imagination- in my mind I see

Imagination- those things which cannot be

I can go anywhere

Through time and space and there

Be anyone that I choose

Imagination- no movie screen

Imagination- my mind the scene

Of vict’ries, hopes and dreams

Adventures, plans and schemes

There’s so much more than what’s seen.

There’s a place- in my mind

Where I can imagine this world

Without suffering, without pain-

Peace on earth!

Imagination- it’s not just the past

Imagination- his dream “Free at last”

The future I would see

Become reality

For ev’ryone in the world

Imagination- it’s there I create

Imagination- I can contemplate

The possibilities

Imagination frees

Allowing me to be me-



 And, if you’d care to sing along, here’s the the music…

I intend to return in a week or two with a new excuse, this time primary but not Christmas!  Meanwhile, after a recent visit with friends to a garden festival in nearby Stratford (soon to be renamed Biebertown) I’m beginning to think spring and, with a little luck, maybe we can also usher in the new season with the next post.

Christmas Time script cover

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