Well, this was unintended… first of all, I had meant to continue with the “excuse” series but decided first to pay tribute to Valentine’s Day (yes, I’m late… right month, wrong date).  Second, I accidentally hit publish before I had much more than the title… so, I’ll think of it as motivation to explain (and complete) this post now.  In my previous post I talked about Jane’s contribution in the “composing realm” and it was natural for me to tangent to Cherish.  The song was released (and hit #1) about the time we met (1966) and it was, from the beginning, a fav of ours.  You may recall that back in Roots Two (posted in September) I spoke of  The Association’s influence on my musical tastes.  It is emminently appropriate that, given Valentine’s Day (recent) and my “Jane post” (also recent) I should dedicate this post to the girl and the day.  So, now with that explanation, here’s the song…

A couple of things about the song…

  • it comes from the first Association album And Then… Along Comes the Association 
  • it was the second significant hit from the album, the first being Along Comes Mary
  • it remained at #1 on the Billboard charts for three weeks in September, 1966 (#1 in Canada too!)
  • the song was “too long” for radio programmers so the single dropped the repeated “and I do cherish you”
  • the producer, Curt Boettcher, also engaged in a little creative licence by listing the song as 3:00 minutes long (it really wasn’t)


Terry has said that he had intended the song to be performed at an even slower tempo (than their recording)… so I’ve taken his advice and my version clocks in at just over four minutes. 



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