Hope and Despair

No, this is not an official post… at least by way of advancing my theme.  But life does intervene…  an overnight snowstorm resulted in road closures and so I presumed it had also delayed delivery of our newspaper.  (an aside… usually the paper has been placed inside our enclosed porch so that it is protected from the vicissitudes of winter weather but we have a new carrier who likes to place the paper on the top step OUTSIDE the house)  All of which is to say that, seeing no paper to start my day, I went out to clear (snowblow) the sidewalk and driveway.  As the picture below indicates, the paper had been delivered and I did find it…



On the brighter side, our neighbour kindly sent over an arrangement of spring bulbs recently… a reminder that this is not Narnia (always winter, never Christmas)… spring will come.



Next post should arrive by week’s end… stay warm.