You may remember (if you saw roots two… see September archive) that I spoke of Terry Kirkman and a band called The Association.

Terry (at the back), with the band.
Well, today is his birthday (December 12th) and I want to wish him a very happy one.  I apologise in advance, because I had every intention of making a nice hb recording for the day… but I’ve got one tempermental computer on my hands (it has crashed over a dozen times  today) and a recording program which I don’t know (yet)… my excuse for the fact this is in mono and not well mixed… I may upload again once I have the bugs out… but my intentions were good!
Well, I did manage to figure out a few things with this (irritating) computer… so, here’s the recording (again)… at least in stereo…
Oh yes, and more snow…
Snowdog 1
Snowdog 2
Snowdog 3
We can still see the house…
Back from a pleasant walk…

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