Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

John Lennon (1940-1980)

Appropriate.  John Lennon came into this world on October 9, 1940… he would be turning 70 this month!

I’m taking this post to engage in a short intermission from looking back on some of my musical influences.  For several reasons.  First, life intrudes.

Here’s your musical clue…



 It’s a little Carole King, with a dash of Cryan Shames and a dose of James Taylor… Up on the Roof (in case you didn’t recognize the tune).

And… here are your pictorial clues.








Note that you do not see me in these pictures.  To understand why, see post one (picture of house).  I ain’t goin’ up there!  Although I’m staying down (feet on the ground so to speak), our roof replacement and other matters are my current preoccupation.

So… I thought I’d let our eldest son, Chris, do the work.   He is currently involved in quite a bit of composing/recording and performing, both as a solo artist and as part of a group.  One of his musical strengths is his lyrics… and this is a rather sweet example of his writing. 

Stigma 1

 I’m a lover, not a fighter,

But I’ll fight for what I believe in,

And I believe in you.


This song is for you, for seeing me thru,

Whatever we do, I’ll always love you

And I can see in you.


You get settled, I’ll boil the kettle,

And you can bet I’ll find a way into your heart.

Do you remember our first November?

The glowing embers that led the way out of the dark…


Those were wild days and memory still stays,

Like instant replays inside our own place,

I still believe in you.


We keep on going, know what we’re knowing,

In love we’re showing, our babies growing

That I conceived with you.


It’s simple really and kind of silly,

The road is hilly but the land beyond is not.

So with no fear because we are both here,

And we are so near to everything that we have sought.


  And here’s what it sounds like…

 If you want to hear more of his work, I’d invite you to visit his website…    more music, lyrics and such await you…

He also performs with a British tribute band called The Royals.  Here they are in rehearsal with a Zombies classic.

When we pay his family a visit, it’s not unusual to be invited to hear his latest song at some stage of completion.  He just recently finished this one and (I think) you’re hearing it here first!  It’s called If It’s All Just a Dream and, like Stigma 1, I think it’s a keeper…

Feel free to drop him an email for encouragement (we could all use it)… and I believe a number of his songs is available for download at his website.  You can also catch him in “writer’s mode” in Scene magazine, a weekly paper serving the London (Ontario) region.   And a little later (ie. future posts) I’ll update you on the activities of his siblings.  I’m putting this entry up early because the next week or two will be a bit hectic… expect a short addendum in  about a week and a return to verbosity several weeks hence (with explanation for the temporal gap).


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