The first day…






A word of explanation.  As a teacher for over thirty years and a student for most of my life, the first day of school (this year, September 7th) represented a new beginning to be met with a sense of excitement and more than a little trepidation.  It seemed somehow appropriate to begin this blog on (almost) the first day of the new school year.  At least, all the pictures you see in this posting were taken on the first day and that should count for something.

So, here’s the pictorial foundation for this blogger…



This is me.

This is my wife and best friend.

We live about a fifteen-minute walk from this view.

Home of the three dogs and their owners.

If you see us out walking, there’s a good chance we’re not alone.  You see, every night is a “Three Dog Night”.

Border Collie Convention

So, since it’s taken me a while to work out the kinks in getting my first post up, I’ll simply welcome you all to my blog and invite you to drop by every week or so for an update.  While this particular entry doesn’t contain a “music component”, I hope to incorporate music into most of my future postings.  For those who are commencing a new school year, all the best in your endeavours.  For those of us who have the luxury of greeting the September return from an observer’s perspective, enjoy the view!